Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pictures speak louder than words

It's been a great few days, seeing old friends, new friends, randomly running into people on the street, making some good music, organizing a birthday picnic, finding out that I will likely be recording a song before leaving Israel. (Crazy!) Tomorrow I will head north to points unknown... likely Haifa, then Nazareth, then on to Tsfat. Hopefully I will get to camp at the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), hike with some friends, then head back to Jerusalem. Here's to hoping. But for now, some more pictures:

Post-volunteering in Tsfat

Orthodox man in the Old City... check out the ear buds

Heading to the Bar Kochba caves

Eli and BJ inside the Kennedy memorial

Har Herzl Memorial

Ben atop Masada

Waterfall at Yehudiya

Laundry at Ein Gedi Field School

Natan's and Jane's morning priorities

Bonfire in Tsfat

Children in an Arab village

Girl in Arab village

Reason 2048 not to sleep on a bus: Eli attacks

Israeli dancing at Kibbutz Machanayim

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